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Time to think about summer camps for kids

Summer camp is a time-honored tradition for children and parents alike, and northern Michigan offers up some amazing opportunities.

Excerpt: Let those fledgling children spread their wings at a Northern Michigan Summer Camp—and get a little vacation for yourself, too.  Here are 5 Northern Michigan Summer Camps inculcating a love of the outdoors and the arts:

Camp Hayo-Went-Ha
With a girl’s camp located on Lake Arbutus and the boys stationed on 600 acres adjacent to Torch Lake, these YMCA operated camps have over a century of experience to draw on to make for superb camping experiences.  

The whole list of suggestions is here.

Source: MyNorth.com

Session planned to talk regional strategy in Charlevoix

Creating economic growth for the whole region is a goal that takes regional planning, which is just what's happening with an upcoming meeting in Charlevoix.

Excerpt: As one part of Gov. Snyder’s statewide Regional Prosperity Initiative, the Northwest Michigan Council of Governments announced a regional planning process for the 10-county northwest Michigan region of Antrim, Benzie, Charlevoix, Emmet, Kalkaska, Leelanau, Grand Traverse, Manistee, Missaukee and Wexford counties. 

The regional prosperity planning process is being called "Framework for Our Future: A Regional Prosperity Plan for Northwest Michigan."

The rest of the story can be found here.

Source: Petoskey News-Review

Spring rules aim at morel foraging

Morel hunting and cooking with morels are time-honored traditions in northern Michigan, but as with many wild-gathered foods, there are cautions--and that’s the reason for a recent reminder from the health department. Did you know you're supposed to be certified to buy or sell morels?
Excerpt: On March 17th, The Health Department of Northern Michigan—which oversees inspection of Northern Michigan food establishments in Antrim, Otsego, Emmett and Charlevoix—dispatched a letter to 700 restaurants and food vendors reiterating regulations pertaining to wild harvested foods.  The rules limit exchanges at both ends of the transaction to licensed handlers. 
Find out more about it here.
Source: MyNorth.com

Short's Brewing celebrates 10 years in operation

Short's Brewing has been in business for ten years this month, and that's definitely cause for celebration--preferably with one of their brews.
Excerpt: Short’s Brewing Company, Northern Michigan’s largest craft brewery, is turning 10 years old on on Saturday, April 26. To celebrate their growth and success, Short’s will host a 10th anniversary party in Bellaire that day.
"We're celebrating loving what we do and where we live with the people we love," said Joe Short.
The whole story is online here.
Source: Petoskey News-Review

How Michigan vineyards and orchards made it through the extreme winter

MyNorth.com tackled a topic on many a northern Michigan mind: How will the crazy-cold winter affect this year's vintages and crops? 
Excerpt: Temperatures are warming, snow is beginning to melt, and farmers of Northern Michigan are getting their first good chance to inspect orchards and vineyards to see what damage the winter has wrought. We checked in with Nikki Rothwell, chief of the Northwest Michigan Horticultural Research Center, to ask about early indications for the upcoming growing season.
The whole article is online here.
Source: MyNorth.com

Search for best doughnut comes to northwest Michigan

You may recall the recent search for the best pizza in Michigan by a team of intrepid Mlive reporters. Those guys' bosses must really like them, because now they get to do the same thing, but with doughnuts. Check out their progress and what they think of the local doughnut shops.
Excerpt: And today, we're in Traverse City, ready to drive across Northern Michigan to see what the bakeries have to offer. Hopefully the snow stays away.
After visiting five bakeries we are going to cross the Mackinac Bridge and head to Marquette for our last stop of the tour.
For updates and the whole story, click here.
Source: Mlive.com

Ski season is definitely not over

Chicago Magazine profiles the Boyne area this week for a Midwest skiing recommendation. We completely concur.
Excerpt: The epic winter may have crushed our spirits with bone-chilling cold and record amounts of snowfall, but there is an upside: The ski season is far from over and you can enjoy monster snowpack and fun hills without flying West. 
Take one last ski trip in northern Michigan at Boyne, which has seen 180 inches of snowfall this season (up 30 percent from last year). The base has been as deep as 73 inches, not shabby when you consider Vail’s 69-inch base.
For the whole article, click here.
Source: Chicago Magazine

Charlevoix to join Main Street program

Main Street programs have been successful for several northern Michigan communities, and the next one to get on board is going to be Charlevoix.
Excerpt: Charlevoix city leaders on Monday unanimously agreed to join the state’s Main Street program at the associate level, a move expected to bring various benefits and, if successful, a leg up to grow economic vitality along the city’s main strip.
The whole story is online here.
Source: Petoskey News-Review

Leelanau Outdoor Center draws snowshoers, skiers

If you want to get started in snowshoeing or skiing but don't know quite how or where to go, try the Leelanau Outdoor Center at Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore, where outdoors education, this time of year, means winter sports.
Excerpt: An amazing facility is located just 40 minutes from downtown Traverse City, and most of us don't know it is there. The Leelanau Outdoor Center (LOC) is a 220-acre property surrounded by Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore, an "Outdoor Classroom on the Shore of Lake Michigan."
Featuring a large, nearly 20,000 square-foot dining hall with classrooms and offices, the center has special dispensation to remain open inside the National Park because it is a nonprofit organization.
The entire story is online here.
Source: Grand Traverse Insider

Charlevoix looks at fiber optic grant

Improving broadband and high-speed Internet in rural Michigan has been an ongoing issue, but Charlevoix is taking advantage of the grant funding available to build on the network infrastructure in our area.
Excerpt: Charlevoix city leaders on Monday unanimously agreed to apply for a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant for up to $100,000 to fund a new fiber optic loop through the Ance Industrial Park.
Several years ago a $33 million federal grant came to Michigan to pay for a more than 1,000 mile fiber optic line run throughout the state, providing a high speed Internet backbone so that later, last-link bandwidth providers would have the infrastructure already available. 
For the whole article, click here.
Source: Petoskey News-Review

Technology may help improve Michigan mental health care

Mental health care has suffered in Michigan for decades, and now the overburdened system is facing even more stress as more demands will soon be made on it. Here's something that might help.
Excerpt: A new study shows more Michigan residents are depressed than those in other states, and mental health care workers are using telephone and video conferencing to reach out to patients in areas without psychiatric services.
Already overburdened with high case loads, mental health professionals statewide are expecting increased demand under the federal Affordable Care Act, which requires insurance companies to provide mental health coverage that is equal to what’s provided for physical-health conditions. 
For the whole article, click here.
Source: Detroit News

Film professionals group together in TC to build the industry

Northern Michigan is a stunning place for location shooting in film, but the industry infrastructure is sometimes considered to be lacking. A TC-based film office aims to change that.
Excerpt: The Michigan Film Incentive has opened the door for millions of dollars of revenue to come into the Mitten state each year. Michigan Movie Makers (M3) of Traverse City aims to bring more of that revenue to northern Michigan by connecting regional, industry professionals with each other and the community.
For the whole story, go here.
Source: Grand Traverse Insider

Asian carp under discussion in Traverse City forum

How to keep Asian carp from invading Lake Michigan via Chicago waterways has been discussed at length, but no decision is being made--so the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is asking for one.
Excerpt: The federal government could more quickly implement a plan to keep the Great Lakes free of Asian carp if the region's citizens and elected officials agreed on the best approach to take, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers official said Thursday.
More details are online here.
Source: WRAL

Michigan Notable Books named for 2014 include links to northern Michigan

We count at least five of this year's 20 Michigan Notable Books as having ties to northern Michigan, and maybe even more, so check out the list and see which ones you haven't read yet.
Excerpt: The 2014 list includes titles covering topics as diverse as a detailed discussion of Chief Pontiac's Rebellion; a biography of Mark "The Bird" Fidrych; a children's graphic novel about Buster Keaton's summers spent in Muskegon; an anthology of some of the best Michigan poetry; the deadly Great Lakes hurricane of 1913; a collection of articles studying the Great Lakes sturgeon to a book highlighting the joys of baking and eating pies are all topics covered on this year's varied list.
For the whole list, click here
Source: Michigan Newswire

Charlevoix home for sale gets national attention

A one-of-a-kind Charlevoix house for sale is built around a boathouse and focused on the water so vital to our area. As a result, it's been getting a lot of attention for its originality.
Excerpt: One of the Harbor Sotheby's International Realty exclusive listings in Charlevoix appeared on HGTV's "Amazing Water Homes" on New Year's Day and in 2013 the exquisite boathouse also was named as "House of the Day" on the Wall Street Journal website.
More on the story can be found here.
Source: Petoskey News
110 Charlevoix Articles | Page: | Show All
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